Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Painting in Progress

It is so hard to get back into painting after a trip away; there are always so many mundane tasks to get out of the way before I can loose myself again in the painting process. I feel a keen sense of loss not having painted for three weeks, it’s a bit like an addiction or an obsession, I have withdrawal symptoms!

I thought I should put down a few words regarding my painting process. I am allowing this painting to evolve, trying not to control its destination. The larger format of 122 x 88cm is a challenge. Scruffy old 3.5cm wall brushes have been used to apply the acrylic paint, creating interesting brush-strokes. With the canvas flat on the floor while applying the paint, I can doodle, splatter and dribble to my hearts content. I usually put on music and end up dancing and swaying around the canvas, feeling a bit like a witch attending her cauldron! Sometimes the canvas becomes very wet if water is sprayed into the mix and a huge amount of patience is required to allow the painting to dry flat without fiddling with it. I love the interesting patterns that emerge during the drying process.
I like to work on three or four paintings at a time, experimenting on one and repeating the experiment on another. I am now trying to keep the images mostly abstract.
Somehow I am seduced by my logical mind into finding figurative images too soon in the process. I think it is my mind’s way of taking control again and I am now aware of this. I have to try to leave my, “Left brain” at the studio door.
The only problem with this method of painting is that a huge amount of space is required. I am now outgrowing my little appropriated studio (3rd bedroom), I need a room the size of a church hall with added veranda for drying paintings!
I am so enjoying finding like-minded artists on the web. Diane McGregor expresses the intuitive painting concept beautifully in her words and paintings. See


Diane McGregor said...

Dianne, this new piece is really lovely. The delicate tones and flowing transitions are very evocative. Thank you for sharing one of your paintings in progress. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out!

Carol said...

Beautiful Di. I am also waiting to see how it turns out. Have you ever thought of giving a workshop? I would love to free up like that and feel more instead of being afraid I am doing the right thing!
I have answered your question on my blog, if you could take a look see. Your pic is not being shown on your posted comment? Wondered why or maybe it was just google at that time of the day?

Kathy Hebert said...

Hi Dianne:
I loved reading about your process. Think of your time away as an incubation period! We do go into withdrawal and our artist muscles get out of whack just like a jogger's does when they don't run for 3 weeks! But the time away gives our "right brain" the time to solve problems and gather inspiration. With your new baby in your life - I'll bet your work is going to be very inspired by your granddaughter. Can't wait to see this! - Kathy

Mineke Reinders said...

Thanks for sharing your process, Dianne. This has a wonderful free flowing quality to it, and I too am curious to see where you will take it. I sympathize with your withdrawal symptoms, having just gone through the same myself. My time away was wonderful and a great inspiration, but coming back into the studio after two weeks is a little like learning to ride a bicycle all over again, you fall down a lot :)

Art with Liz said...

Hello Di, This is really wonderful and like everyone else, can't wait to see where it goes. I went through to some of your older posts, and just wanted to say how much I love your White Rose and Shades of White - truly magnificent! Hope to see you soon - next SASA meeting?

Anonymous said...

Hi dianne

Amazing coincidence as I have had a creative block all week, due to feel to intensive drawing and white wall painting in my studio! Well I've startied a series of intuition painting just using colours I fancy and seeing what I get. Will be watching this image to see how it comes along. I quite like it as it is!

mrs. tioli said...

I can feel the dance in the painting.

You are free!!!!

laura said...

Hi Diane. I am trying to get back to painting after a couple of weeks--preparing for visitors, having visitors, then traveling for a week immediately after! I'm finding it hard, but reading that you experience the same thing makes me feel I'll get to it!
I like the idea of working on several at a time--you can go in different directions, like parallel universes!