Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Conversation with Kim of Creating Space

I have been interviewed by Kim of Creating Space! Please visit her blog and let me know what you think .... I have really bared my soul here....

Just thought my friends in the USA would like to see this quiet, contemplative spot on the Liesbeck River in Cape Town. I hope your storms have passed over now. Looking forward to more winter photo's, Suki!

My dear blogger friend, Cynthia awarded me this award for not only being worth reading but also bringing my sweet natured yet powerfully potent heart to all of my creative work. Aawww!!! She is this amazingly talented writer and so I feel really honoured that she considers my words significant!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Mandala

There is something very therapeutic about creating a Mandala. This one is about 66cm in diameter and done using various pencils on a board.

I drew this just after I turned 50. I incorporated the Picasso, “Woman Dressing her Hair”, I really identify with how her body seems to be all over the place and the parts not quite fitting the whole.

Next to her is Vincent’s empty room at the Saint-Paul hospital at Saint-Remy with his cloud swirls and cypress trees overlapping. His crows fly on the other side of the woman.

I liked the image of the baby hands holding on to some aging hands, I think this was torn from a magazine and copied. Children are peeking through the cracks next to the empty room.

The watch signifies the march of time, with the watch strap becoming the arms of a sea-anemone and the pattern is repeated on the side, I think they are trying to hold onto everything familiar.

A woman’s face is fragmenting in the changes occurring in her world.

A cloud woman hovers over an imaginary landscape representing creativity and intuition.

Kim is posting an interview with me on 28th January, so please pop over to her blog on Wednesday!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Website!

Please visit my new website,
I am back after a break with blogging and can’t wait to visit all your sites and find out what I have been missing! The only creative thing that I have done in the last three weeks is to create this new website for myself. Please have a look and tell me what you think. A friend gave me the link to this great site that helps you create your own site completely free of charge,
I decided to buy my own domain for a small yearly amount. This is optional and you can get a synthasite domain completely free of charge. The site is managed by yourself and it is very easy to update whenever the need arises.
I have verified my site with google and there is one more step that I need to take with some help from a more experienced webmaster.
I would love to be able to sell paintings from my site and am still looking into this – Paypal does not work in South Africa, I can spend money with Paypal but not receive money. So if anyone out there can give me advice here, I would appreciate it. I have linked my other site, as my online shop for the while.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Painting on Black Gesso

I decided to work on three different shaped canvases, a rectangle, a square and a long skinny one (since I had these in stock). A pot of black gesso has been sitting in my cupboard just looking at me – I bought it ages ago but have never used it. (Do you have a cupboard full of stuff you haven’t used?) I decided to experiment with applying a black coat to most of the canvas, leaving some white shapes to play around with. I see Mary Ann of Blue Sky Dreaming is also working with black gesso at the moment! I then applied a transparent glaze of Alizarine Crimson and Quinacridone Gold over the white areas and really loved how the shapes hung softly in the darkness. I wanted to see if I applied white acrylic ink, spraying with water to loose the hard edges, I might be able to get a similar effect.
When I looked at the three works, I became a little uneasy about what was appearing, the strong darks with the reds stirred up strange feelings in me, they were disturbing! I wanted to cover the paintings with white and yellow. (Every time I turn on the TV, there are dire warnings of a global economic meltdown and I am worried about the implications for various members of my family – I think I am painting these fears).

I get to a mid point in the painting, when I become impatient and I have to tell myself, “Don’t rush it, take your time, let it evolve”. I can have days when I become quite frustrated with what I have done, the paintings don’t look as if they have moved on at all. The next day, the paintings may evolve and I can perhaps see where they are leading me.

The painting at the top of my posting was about the doorways that open up to us, (in landscape mode) but I prefer it turned upright – the genetic connection theme has appeared again. We have a really nasty genetic thing in my family of which I am a carrier – this keeps coming out in my paintings. I don't have photo's of this one at the beginning, only of the square one that still needs a bit of work, so will post it next week. I still have to do a few clear glazes and might paint some more, so this painting might change again!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Tagging and an Award!

A Tagging from Suki, I am to list five things that I do daily to keep my spirit happy and healthy.

This is quite difficult, because I do many things to keep my spirit going, but not everyday, I often alternate certain things ....

1. I love to get up early when the world is quite and make myself a cup of tea and read from one of the various books I have on the go. I do this every second morning.

2. On the alternate morning I go to the gym and exercise for an hour, getting those endorphins going and building up my bone strength.

3. I paint nearly every day to keep my spirit happy.

4. Music feeds my soul, I love my music and collect CD’s of my favourite artists. I particularly like musicians who write their own lyrics and music. I feel bereft if I don’t listen to music sometime during the day.

5. Writing in my journal or on my blog keeps my spirit soaring, this I definitely don't do everyday for lack of time!

I am challenging all of you fellow bloggers to write about what keeps your spirit happy and healthy!

Also thanks to Soulbrush for this award she gave me at least a week ago!