Monday, December 22, 2008


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderfully creative 2009!

Instead of going to those crowded shops in search of gifts, I got out my pots and bowls and melted some chocolate with some cream and butter.

Now, I love chocolate and couldn’t resist popping a piece into my mouth before it all melted.

These are the bowls that I really enjoyed licking and scraping – I was transported back to my childhood, watching my mother baking and waiting to get my finger into the mixing bowl before she whisked it away to be washed.

Here are my some of my chocolate truffles, the size of golf balls – of course, I had to taste a few to see if they were tasty or not!

Wishing you all a wonderful Festive Season!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Yummy!!! How many could you resist?? Thanks for Christmas greetings.

Carol said...

They make my mouth water Di! What is it with chocolate and women! You should have put in the recipe:)
Have a Wonderful, Peaceful and Happy Christmas!!!!

~Babs said...

No one could resist,,,that I know of anyway. These would be gone in such a flash at my house,,,,they're beautiful too!

Merry Christmas Dianne,,,to you and all yours. I'm hoping maybe you'll get to see your little one?

kathleen.artkat.hebert said...

Now this would be something to paint!!! However, I'll bet all the truffles would disappear before the painting was finished. Hmm.....:)-Kathy

sukipoet said...

beautiful and yummie. A merry christmas to you and your family. Blessings, Suki

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh Diane, If only I could reach into the screen and take just one!! They look wonderful! Have a very Merry Christmas!
Mary Ann

Dianne said...

Dear Joan, Carol, Babs, Kathy, Suki and Mary Ann, thanks so much for your comments! These truffles are so rich that I can only eat one at a time! I have them in a plastic container in my fridge.
I must now wrap them before I eat any more and have no gifts left!
Carol, I will email you the recipe.
Love Dianne x x

Cestandrea said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm, yummmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
This looks toooooooooooooooooo delicious! Dianne, would you mind letting me have your recipe too? I'm no baker but this here could be worth a try, it looks so much fun too! (Well, you have to resist the chocolate-overdose while doing those:)

Dianne said...

Dear Andrea, will send you the recipe. They are a bit fiddly, but fun to make and eat!

soulbrush said...

yum yum...delishuss.have a wonderful xmas dianne and a hot one too!!
nice to be back, home here from my 'home' there, feel all mixed up inside and bruised emotionally. whew1 will need to digest it all.

Dianne said...

Hi Soulbrush, it must be so confusing to have "home" in two different hemispheres. The best thing to do about those feelings is to paint about them - try and put down in some visual way, even if it is only comprehensible to you. Do a Frida Kahlo! She painted, "My Dress Hangs Here", with the disconnected feelings of living in various places.
These kind of paintings can be incredibly powerful if you allow them to evolve from your very core.

Maybe it is a good thing that you now live in the UK - none of us are sure how things will turn out here. We look across the border and wonder if that could be our future .... my husband and I have been thinking about moving to the UK sometime in the next two years. We have to have enough to buy a property and the exchange rate is not helping. Gosh, I love this place, I am full of very mixed feelings!
Love Dianne x

Anonymous said...

Dear Dianne, these look so yummy, please give us all the receipe so we can all make some....

Funny you are thinking of moving to UK we have been wondering if we may move to Spain one day because we love the weather there and I would be much healthier. UK is beautiful country but cold, damp and wet a lot of the year.

Dianne said...

Dear Carolann, yes, I will email you the recipe.

You must suffer with your chest in the damp weather, so would probably be a good thing to settle in Spain. For me, I have the pull of my children and little granddaughter to offer me an alternative to SA. I also do not enjoy the heat and find I am far more invigorated in the cooler months. We all have different heat regulating systems, when everybody else is feeling cold, I feel quite warm!
Hope you are feeling a bit better!
Love Dianne x

Cynthia said...

Hi Dianne, I just stopped over from Sukipoet blog.( She gave me permission to use one of her photos for my Crabby Apple posting.) While looking over your blog, I saw your beautiful mandala clock. Isn't it amazing that in the ceremonial creation of these in the Buddhist tradition, they are temporary impermanent art? All that beauty is only seen until it is finished (fourth day) and then it is scooped up and poured in the nearest body of water. Your watercolor in the earlier post lightens my heart!

José said...

Hi there,

mmmmmm suspicious thoughts run through my mind.....
this was your last post since you ate those truffles..... :-)

Seasons Greetings,

José :-)

P.S. if you like chocolate I've found a great chocolate cake recipe

Dianne said...

Hi Cynthia,
So glad you visited my blog via Suki! Thanks for your kind comments. I do love this clock - I love the mandala idea, it is all about the creative process rather than the end product - where I am trying to go with my paintings.
Love Dianne x x
Ps, just click on the clock to get your own clock!

Dianne said...

Hi Jose! (sorry, don't know how to put the accent on your name!) Thanks for visiting, yes, I am still here, I didn't do the "death by chocolate" thing!
I would love that recipe if you have time.
Seasons greetings!
Love Dianne x x

Cynthia said...

Dianne, I adore your comment on my OWL blog, and I'm glad to have found your magical and uplifting work. Thank you for letting me have your clock for my blog, I'll try now.BTW I'm on some kind of blog fever lately, two a day, just like medicine, so come over again soon.

Dianne said...

Dear Cynthia, it is so great to meet you, I am going to love following your blog! You are so lucky to be able to blog freely, we are a bit restricted in SA - the more I blog, the more expensive it is, so I will have to restrict myself which is such a pity. Will catch up with you whenever I can.
Love Dianne x x

Kim said...

These look fantastic! Yummy! Now who can go wrong with truffles?

Here is to a joyful holiday season to you and your family, Dianne!

Dianne said...

Dear Kim, yes, these chocies are very yummy!
Have a great New Year!
Love Dianne x x

marianne said...

Yummy I bet they were tasty!
Hope you have had a nice christmas Dianne!
And that they enjoyed your homemade truffle gifts (what a good idea)

Dianne said...

Dear Marianne, thanks for your good wishes! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
Wishing you a wonderful 2009!
Love Dianne x x