Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Garden Roses

Garden Roses
Acrylic 49 x 59cm
This is one of the demonstration paintings that I started in my acrylic workshop and then completed in my studio. I had picked a few roses from my garden and placed them in a vase, but this is really painted from my imagination and memory.

The painting surface is a piece of 100% cotton seed-cloth. I cover a board with a thin piece of plastic so that the painting does not stick to the board. I then wrap the cloth around a board and prime it with two coats of gesso and a coat of acrylic medium. I love to work on a hard surface, so I can scratch and scrub into the paint, without worrying about denting the canvas. I sometimes work with liquid paint and this can pool on a stretched canvas. I have now carefully remove it from the board and will have it stretched on a stretcher.


sukipoet said...

interesting about your process here. A very dreamy painting, romantic yet cool with the blues rather than traditional red/yellow/pink.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for the technique info - don't you have fun and on the way create this wonderful fresh, free work. Adore the colours.

Anonymous said...

I love those dreamy blues and violets and soft greens. I think, just as flowers should be painted.

Carol said...

Di, this is absolutely gorgeouse!!! I love the colour and the gently flow - better than the real thing!

Kathleen Hebert said...

It is amazing that your intuition and imagination can create such life like interpretations of your subjects. I can see and feel the mass of the bouquet and, at the same time, I'm drawn into the play of colors. You never cease to amaze and inspire me, Dianne!

Art with Liz said...

This is absolutely beautiful Di! I am definitely booking onto your next workshop - you have so much to teach us!

Dianne said...

Dear Suki, yes, I seem to love blues and violets, I just can't seem to stay away from them!

Dear Joan, I am glad you enjoy my descriptions of my process. I love painting with acrylics and enjoy sharing my experiments!

Dear Carolann, I have planted 6 ice-berg (white) rose bushes in my garden, I love to paint the amazing colours I see in the petals.

Dear Carol, thanks for your words! It is great to get positive feedback.

Dear Kathy, I think the discovery that I could paint from memory/imagination/intuition was a huge quantum leap. I just didn't believe I could do this, I didn't think I had it in me until I made that leap and amazed myself! The possibilities are now endless and exciting.

Dear Liz, I would love to share what I have learnt and discovered with you! Thanks for your kind words.

~Babs said...

I've loved getting caught up with your blog, Dianne.
Each post is more interesting than the one before it!
Very interesting, watching the process, as you've shown us in your workshop, and I adore the dancer painting, and the coastal storm work.
Hoping that your husband is back to good health!

Marie Theron said...

This is truly such a unique solution to the process of seeing, but at the same time trying to avoid too much realism. I am exited about what you are doing here and will attend your demo some time in the new year, Dianne!

Kim said...

Dianne, this is so beautiful! I love the colors you have chosen (ones I also adore) and it seems as though the blossoms are dancing...you understand movement so beautifully.

The description of your process is wonderful. I love hearing about how people handle the process of their work...you are very generous to share here.

I have never stretched canvas myself. I think I worry I am just not strong enough. I have said to my husband maybe it is something we can learn to do together. Now, if I can nail him to the floor long enough to actually help learn the process we might get somewhere! :-)

Thanks So Much, Dianne!

Dianne said...

Dear Babs,
I am so glad you can relate to what I have to say! Sometimes I just paint without any thought of the process, but now I am trying to write down my experiments and this is really helping me to grow.
My hubby is definitely on the mend, but still has nerve pain when he does too much - apparently this is because the nerves were damaged in the operation process and will take time to regenerate.
Most of the bad stuff is behind us now, thank goodness!

Dianne said...

Dear Marie, I find that by looking inward when painting opens a treasure trove of images for the taking! Please send me your email so I can let you know my workshop schedule.

Dianne said...

Dear Kim, I am so enjoying working with various colours and seeing how they relate to each other and what feelings emerge as a result of the colour. Colour is very emotive and I am exploring this at the moment.

With regards to the stretching of canvasses, I have some chaps not far from me that do it for me!

Kim said...

Ah, yes, Dianne, I had forgotten about your canvas stretching friends! Whoopee, that sounds like a deal!

I know what you mean about the color exploration...it is amazing! This is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dianne, it's as if my hand plunged into a see of soft leaves and flowers, when looking at your painting, I love the colors!

Have a great week

Dianne said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks! I am glad you got the feel of the flowers.

Hi Kim,
Thanks for coming back. Perhaps you can find someone near you that can do the same?

~Babs said...

Just dropping by to say Merry Christmas, Dianne!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say: Happy new year, Dianne! greetings from Paris,
wish you all the health and luck and happyness for the new year,

Kim said...

Happy New Year, Dianne! I hope all is well with you.

Mmmm, I am not sure about finding someone here who might do that, but one never knows. I will see what I might dig up sometime. Maybe if I head downtown...it is a good thought!

Alexander Bujak said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Diane,
I stumbled on your blog while looking for some info on black gesso and came across the red paintings. I'm glad that I did. I just realized that the *doors* in your paintings are also gifts to your audience. I visited your website and I read many of the older posts and the comments. I'm a fan now and will become a regular reader.
Best wishes,
Jim C

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Love the colors and freedom of this.

Douglas Lain said...

At first glance this piece struck me as representational. It's quite lovely even if there aren't any actual flowers on the canvas.