Sunday, September 14, 2008, a site for artists

I am having such fun with a new artists' site, Each artist is given a profile page where their art works and links to blogs and websites can be displayed. The artists then connect with each other by becoming a "follower" of the artists with work that they admire. Artists with the most followers are then featured on the home page in the top 100 list.
The site is growing every day and has about 900 members today from all over the world. I have found the standard of the work truely amazing.
Artists so often work in isolation. Comments are made regarding your paintings, here is a great vehicle for sharing your work and your opinions. I value the comments that other members take the time to write. The site offers messaging facilities that are public and private.
When I joined a few weeks ago, the site had a few glitches. I wrote to the site manager and was pleasantly surprised at his prompt replies and action. Thanks James for a great site!!

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Kathy Hebert said...

Hi Dianne:
Are you back from the UK? How is the new baby?!!!
I had some problems with Brush Space today and couldn't upload any paintings. I know that they are working on the site.
How do you put your picture on someone's page as their "follower." I see that a lot of people have figured this out - but the process is not clear to me. Thank-you, Diane! - Kathy