Monday, September 8, 2008

Post Selection Day

The Selection Day was grueling! No, the Judges didn't like my style of painting, so none of them were selected! I have thought long and hard about it all.
Considering how long the judges took to agree on the winning paintings indicated that they couldn't agree on what constituted a good painting - their choice was purely subjective. What I am doing is still in the experimental stage and probably has still got quite a distance to go, but it feels right for me, so I will carry on and not feel daunted by the likes and dislikes of others.
I observed that many of the paintings that appealed to me were marked with low points, so who knows?
I look at the paintings I submitted and I really like them, they are a true expression and come from within. This kind of work will not appeal generally and I have to accept that and not be side-swiped into a different direction.
The great thing is, I have not been crushed emotionally, and I’m feeling strong and know the path I am on is right for me. An artist friend of mine said that when this happened to her, she went home and cut up her paintings in response to the rejection. I have known other good artists that have given up painting after being exposed to crushing criticism. The positive spin on this is I have definitely made a great step in emotional maturity!


pollicino said...

Brava,veramente brava,complimenti.Un saluto dall'Italia.....pollicino

Art with Liz said...

Thank you Di, for putting the selection process into perspective. I was somewhat shaken by some of the artwork that was left out - I personally love and admire your work - but as you said, subjectivity played a big part.
Lots of hugs

Carol said...

Grueling, yes. I was very confused but when the emotions are put aside, which is difficult and takes time, you are right, there was such a mix in what was chosen and what was left out! So much brilliant work, including your own. Keep painting and smiling! There is a reason why everything happens and it is normally always for the better, even if we don't know it at the time.

Anonymous said...

Dropped into your blog from Sharon Wrights link. I was moved to comment when I read your post about your friend who cut up her paintings. I did the same thing after I graduated from art school as a mature student. Although I got a really good grade I felt my work was rubbish compared to others. I talked myself into thinking I was a hopeless case or as we say in the UK (flogging a dead horse!) . Thankfully I am on the road to painting again, picking up my brushes and dried up paint tubes and my partner has been busy getting me a studio in the garden. I now paint for 'me' and enjoying the pleasure it gives me.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Good timing that I dropped by your blog via my friend Mineke's. Your paintings are beautiful. I appreciate them especially because I have evolved into intuitive painting after years of controlled, realistic work. Anyway, just remember that judges for these things are only people, the way these contests go - be they art, music, grants, what have you, are often colored by who knows who, ego and power plays, and very personal tastes of a very few people who have limitations like the rest of us. I know it's discouraging and many of us have been through these rejections but be Buddhist about it - practice non-attachment (as much as you can) and also remember all of those stories of famous best-selling writers with piles of rejection notes, artists who were rejected and so forth. No need to rip things up your lovely work. Go make some more beautiful paintings. You're not painting for those judges, are you? You're painting for you!

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